GoldSilver is a popular website which exists for many different reasons. Unfortunately, most people think that its primary purpose is silver and gold peddling to the general public. This website is a bullion resource, and offers extensive product information to help you invest wisely. If you’ve been looking for a wide range of bars and coins to invest your money, it would be much better to choose a different website, like Golden Eagle Coins.

However, if you want to use some insight and information about investing, GoldSilver will be a good choice. When it comes to products, GoldSilver offers ample options. But there’s still room for a lot of improvement on the website.

When it comes to some excellent investment tips and tricks, GoldSilver offers extensive information and helpful advice about playing the market. In fact, the information provided by the website is more detailed and accurate than other such websites or precious metal dealers on the Internet.

According to most visitors, the website is very easy to use and navigate. It clearly segregates silver and gold to make your entire experience more convenient, easy and delightful. While navigating this website, you won’t be confused in any manner.



Products Offered

As mentioned earlier, the production selection on the website is not very special. The website does not have many different options. The company does sell both silver and gold in bar and coin form. However, the selection of coins are available in only 5-6 different styles. Moreover, the brand selection for bars is also not very exciting.

In addition to this, the size variety available on the website is also minimal. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for coins which are either smaller or larger than one ounce, you will have to visit another websites. The same is true for silver and gold bars.

In case the limited selection of bullion wasn’t enough to make you take a step back, the fact that the company’s products are overpriced might do the trick. Since GoldSIlver does not sell its products in large quantities, it does not stock large quantities. Thus, in order to generate more profits, prices are forced higher. You can find better prices on many other websites selling bullion on the Internet.

However, something which is unique about GoldSilver is that the company purchases silver and gold from the general public. Only a few websites provide this service to make it easier and more convenient for people to cash in on various investments, However, before you make any moves, it is important to thoroughly check the company’s sellback policy. You should not overlook any piece of information.

Payment Options

Paying for any orders on the website is very easy. However, you only have one payment option. GoldSilver prefers bank wire transfer as the primary payment option. This is the most safe and secure way to make payments. Thus, your funds will be completely safe. However, this is another negative about the website. Most people want multiple payment options for more convenience. Most bullion selling websites offer at least two payment options.

Shipping Options

Just like other bullion selling websites, GoldSilver also provides you with the ability to have orders shipped via UPS, USPS or FedEx. Every order by the company is insured, and requires a signature at the time of delivery.

In case you have any questions or queries, you can contact the customer support at the company’s toll free number. Shipping times for orders placed at GoldSilver are standard. However, if you live in a remote location, delivery may take some extra time.

It is important to understand that although shipments are insured, once the item has been signed, insurance no longer applies. This becomes more important for people who delegate responsibility to other people to sign on their behalf. You should always make sure that you personally receive the package. It will be more secure and safe.


Overall, GoldSilver offers a disappointing experience regarding the products which are sold by the company. The selection of products is too limited to make GoldSilver a primary dealer for bullion purchases.

However, the website offers extensive information about different types of investments, especially for any new investors. If you want to make an investment, use the information from this website to get an insight, but make purchases from other websites on the Internet.

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