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Choosing the Right Bullion Dealer

It’s now several years since the economic crash of 2008 but confidence still hasn’t really returned. That makes precious metals an ideal investment that’s insulated from the stock market and historically has been a safe and efficient shelter when the wider economy is struggling. More and more people are making the decision to invest in gold or silver, but many are put off by the thought of finding a bullion dealer they can trust with such an important matter. This is a guide to help you find a reputable, helpful dealer quickly and easily.

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With the recent popularity of precious metals the number of dealers has expanded rapidly, and many of the newcomers lack experience. To ensure security and good service you’re often better off sticking with a more established dealer, so check how long the ones you’re considering have been in business. Having said that, don’t automatically write off newer businesses; if they have a good reputation that can make up for being recently established.

First Impressions

The precious metal market is built on trust and dealers and buyers form a network that knows everything that’s going on. Before committing to a dealer try to find out what others think of them. Online forums can be a great source of information about dealers. If nobody has even heard of them that may be a sign you should keep clear. Also consider your first impressions of them. If they’re online does their site look professional? Are terms and conditions clearly displayed? Also evaluate how knowledgeable they seem to be. Bullion trading isn’t simple and there are many options open, so it’s essential to find a dealer who understands exactly what they’re doing.

Products Offered

Look at the range on offer. There are hundreds of different types of gold bars and bullion coins available, and the selection a dealer stocks can give you an idea of the market segments they’re appealing to. A limited range may also restrict your flexibility if you’re looking to build up a diverse portfolio. Also check if the inventory is up to date. If prices are displayed, do they update regularly and are they clear about what you’ll actually pay? Ask questions about stock and evaluate how knowledgeable the answers are.

Customer Service

Good customer service is a must from a bullion dealer. You need to know that your business will be handled quickly and professionally; errors or delays by a dealer can cost you money, and it’s difficult to get any recompense after the event, so pay close attention to how staff handle your enquiries. Do you feel confident in their ability? If not, go somewhere else. Also look at what guarantees the dealer offers. At a minimum all their products should be guaranteed authentic. There are fakes out there, most of them real gold but not the authentic bars or coins they’re claimed to be, and that can make a big difference to their real worth.

Investing in precious metals isn’t something you should rush into, and it’s definitely worth putting some effort into finding the right dealer for you. Once you’ve done that you’ll be in a position to invest confidently, so don’t cut corners or just buy from the first dealer you find. It’s rarely a waste of time to do proper research.

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