Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is a very old producer of silver and gold and has been in business since 1899. Initially it was formed as an arm to British Royal Mint and followed two other mints in both Sydney and Melbourne; both of which quitted business. The original mint facility carried out its business up to 1990, when it moved to a more modern facility which is located a short distance from its original home.
Barely over thirty years after its establishment, the Perth Mint has produced over a hundred million gold coins which are currently used as Australian currency. However, after 1931, Britain swerved away from the gold standard forcing Perth to stop minting coins. This however did not have much impact on Perth since they immediately began minting bullion bars.
A few years after they stopped making coins, Perth were again in currency producing business but this time round, it was half pennies and copper pennies. Today, Perth is mostly renowned for their consistent ability to produce large quantities of bars and coins.
In the year 1957, Perth hit the newspapers and subsequently made history as the first company to come up with the finest gold bar ever seen. Instead of the usual 99.99% gold bars, Perth came up with bars that were 999.999 parts per one thousand gold. To put things in a rather clear perspective, Royal Mint ordered bars in order to encourage their own company to produce such fine bars. However, Perth Mint still remained a British company until Australian government took over in 1970.
The gold boom between 1970 and 1980 was sufficient to solidify the position of Perth as the best metal producers in history. Even today, Perth still output massive quantities of the finest bullion bars around. Not to forget, they are ever expanding their operations. As a matter of fact, they are constantly employing new employees and facilities.

Products offered

The fact that Perth has been in business for quite a long time, has seen it rise higher and higher. Today for instance, it stills controls a fair share of the market and this is evidenced by the fact that it still has a role to play in supplying different gold products. Apart from rounds and coins, their bars come in almost any size known by man. Whether you need a small gold bullion bar or a larger investment, Perth covers you.
The interesting part is that any bar produced by this company is always stamped with a seal, and in some cases, serial number. Therefore, you can be assured of its authenticity. If you are a starter, Perth Mint has you in mind since they produce bars as small as five grams. Admittedly, this Mint is just ideal for anybody.

Premiums Incurred

Perth Mint is among the few companies that use a website where you can buy bullion directly from the company. To be sincere, their website has low premiums and this is exactly why it trusted by many. Therefore even if you buy their bars from an online dealer, you will still find their premiums to be low.
To be able to benefit from this low premium however, you need to be a smart shopper- someone who compares prices before initiating any purchase. By simply comparing prices, you will be in a position to notice a site that is giving you a deal and also that which is trying to exploit you.

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