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When it comes to buying gold bullion, the most readily and easily available 10 Oz gold bars are produced by PAMP, Credit Suisse and Perth Mint. Some investors also buy gold bars from other companies like Engelhard, Metalor and Johnson Matthey. With gold bars emerging to be the best way to invest in physical gold bullion, 10 ounce gold bars have been getting extremely popular.

In most cases, 10 Oz gold bars are bought by investors who’re purchasing several hundred ounces of gold. Investors who plan to buy less than just 100 ounces of gold may want to purchase 1 Oz gold bars or even 100 Gram gold bars. When it comes to liquidating, all these gold bars can provide an investor with greater flexibility.

Key Features of 10 Oz Gold Bars

It is important to understand that gold bars provide investors with two key features – high liquidity and low premiums. 10 ounce gold bars have premiums significantly lower than what an investor needs to pay for popular gold coins or 1 ounce gold bars. In addition to this, 10 ounce gold bars are also very easy to store and stack.

Currently, four different sizes of gold bars are readily available for investment purposes. These include 100 gram gold bars, 1 ounce gold bars, 10 ounce gold bars and Kilo gold bars. The most popular and reputed companies producing these gold bars include Credit Suisse, PAMP, Perth mint and more. PAMP is one of the most reputed precious metal refineries in Europe. It produces all these sizes.

Although PAMP produces a wide range of gold bars, only these sizes are readily and easily available in the United States of America for investment purposes. Smaller gold bars, including 20 gram and 1 gram bars are marketed through different channels in the jewelry industry at higher premiums.

As mentioned earlier, 10 Oz gold bars are mostly purchased by investors who’re willing to buy several hundred ounces of gold. On the other hand, investors who’re interested in buying less than one hundred ounces of gold prefer 1 ounce bullion coins or 1 ounce gold bars. When it comes to raising a little cash or liquidate, both of them can prove to be excellent choices.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars

It is worth mentioning that PAMP gold bars completely dominate the standard gold bullion market. However, both 1 ounce and 10 ounce Credit Suisse gold bars have been becoming increasing popular.

It is important to understand that Credit Suisse gold bars are also manufactured by PAMP. The key difference is that PAMP gold bars have the Lady Fortuna design. This design lacks in Credit Suisse gold bars. However, the latter still features the Credit Suisse hallmark.

Other Gold Bars’ Hallmarks

Some other popular and accepted hallmarks of 10 Oz gold bars include Engelhard, Umicore, Johnson Matthey, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) and Metalot. Currently, PAMP 10 ounce gold bars completely dominate the market. However, whenever there’s shortage of gold bars, other hallmarks show up in the market. Whenever there are any shortages, manufacturers rush into production to leverage from higher premiums accompanying shortages.

When conditions are normal, PAMP gold bars are the most commonly seen gold bullion bars in the market. The only exception is the Kilo gold bars. They are readily available by the Royal Canadian Mint.

In the last few years, 10 Oz gold bars have emerged to be a sound investment in gold bullion. If you’re holding these bars, you will be able to enjoy low premiums and high liquidity.

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