Pamp Suisse

PAMP Suisse is among the world’s leading and the most popular producers of gold bullion. Wherever and whenever you come across an esteemed dealer of precious metals, you will most likely find PAMP bars. Unlike other brands of bullion, they have been manufacturing for more than thirty years. And, although they are produced in a rather small country, their reach is almost every part of the world.
If there is anything you need to know regarding PAMP Suisse, the following sections will serve you right. Also, this section will enlighten you on the reasons as to how and why they are leading in gold and bullion industry.


PAMP Suisse first came into existence in the year 1977. In addition to gold refining, PAMP has a role to play in fabrication business. Initially, the company only specialized in gold production, but eventually, the felt the need of producing silver and platinum products. This proved to be an important decision due to the fact that platinum and silver, for the last two decades, have taken off in popularity.

PAMP Suisse did not want to narrow down production to only one product. Therefore they searched for alternative means to diversify their business. As we speak, many of the favorite watch and jewelry makers use precious metals which are traced back to PAMP.
PAMP however does not operate alone as a company. Rather, it is part of a group referred to as MSK SA. The headquarters of MSK SA is at Geneva, Switzerland, and plays a crucial role in the production of precious metals as well as offering financial services. Bearing in mind that it has been in business for quite a long time, MKS is just the best fit for the PAMP.


Products produced

In case you do not how popular PAMP is, this section will give you a light on that. A good bullion provider will always be the one that produces a wide variety of bullions without compromising on their quality. Truth be said, there are a large number of quality bullion brands and a wide variety of the same, but no so many companies deliver both. PAMP is regarded as the most elegant producer of silver and gold bullion. They also make a wider selection than any company as far bullion is concerned.
Normally, gold bars produced by this company ranges from one gram to one kilogram. Another thing to take note of is that there are many other products such as screws, gold pendants, ingots and specialty art bars. Truly, they provide a variety of bullion brands.

Assay services

If in any case you need to invest in gold bullion, then you are advised to only buy bars that come with assay. Basically, an assay is a certification which accompanies your bars. This certification insures you and the buyer that the bar you purchased is actually pure gold and nothing else.
The gold bars produced by PAMP are normally shipped to the buyer encased in a plastic case which should not be opened. No doubt that PAMP Suisse is secure and efficient. By the fact that they provide assay, you have nothing to worry about.
In case you want to purchase a bar that does not have assay, then you have to be extra vigilant lest you buy unsafe products.

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