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Gold bullion is available in a lot of different standard sizes. However, as times change, the basic meaning of ‘standard’ has changed. Due to the ever changing prices of gold, most investors need to consider many different factors before investing in gold bullion. Gold bars have become an excellent choice for investors who’re looking for lower premiums, higher returns and more liquidity.

In recent years, 5 Oz gold bars have become extremely popular. Although investors also prefer other size of gold bars, 5 ounce gold bars have showed excellent returns. They’re perfect for investors who want lower premiums than what they have to pay for 1 ounce gold bars. These days, a lot of different companies produce bullion, including these gold bars. While some of them look similar, others have some major differences.

In most cases, these differences don’t have a major impact on the value or price of the gold bullion. However, they’re still important from an investor’s point of view. In this post, we’ve discussed 5 Oz gold bars to help you understand why they have been getting increasingly popular.

A Brief Description of 5-Oz Gold Bars

Earlier, most investors overlooked the important and benefits of 5-oz gold bars. They were solely focused on 1 oz gold bars from manufacturers like Perth Mint, PAMP and Credit Suisse. Over time, investors have realized that 5-oz gold bars constitute a much better and substantial investment than 1 ounce gold bars. They have lower premiums than 1 ounce gold bars, and don’t require you to invest in large 10 ounce gold bars.

Although most investors are still skeptical about investing in 5-oz gold bars, it is important to understand that these bars can be the key difference between spending thousands of extra dollars or saving a huge amount of money. Investors understand that purchasing gold bars can offer numerous benefits. Since these gold bars come with lower premiums, they are considered to be an excellent long term investment.

Most of the investors either oversell or undersell the amount of money they actually want to spend on their investment. This is because they’re completely unaware of the great opportunities and changing trends in the markets. Some investors don’t even know that 5 Oz gold bars exist. Therefore, they pay attention to only 1 ounce and 10 ounce gold bars.

Similarly, beginners think that if they have to purchase 5 ounce gold bars, they will have to individually buy five 1 ounce gold bars from a retail outlet. Such lack of knowledge can make an investor invest either some extra money or cut back on great opportunities. If such investors realize that they can easily buy 5 ounce gold bars without making any extra efforts, they will be able to realize the numerous benefits offered by these gold bars.

While looking for 5 ounce gold bars on the Internet, you will come across two primary manufacturers – PAMP Suisse and Johnson Matthey. These two are very reputed and respected companies regarding production of precious metals. When it comes to buying 5 ounce gold bars, it is always better to buy them online. You will be able to purchase them at excellent prices. Moreover, reputed companies also maintain the standard of purity while selling these gold bars.

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