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The most important reason for most investors buying 1 Oz gold bars instead of investing money in 1 ounce gold coins is to purchase cheaper gold. In other words, investors want to buy gold which has much smaller market-up over spot. In most cases, 1-oz gold bars lead to lower premiums than American Gold-Eagles.

The most readily available gold bars in the market include PAMP and Perth Mint. Both these choices come in quantities of 25 bars to container. Each bar from these manufacturers is individually encased. If the size of a container is compared with 25 1-oz gold bullion coins, they would take only one-fifth the space.

Perth Mint 1 Oz Gold Bars

Perth Mint 1-oz gold bullion bars are easily available. These are considered to be the most popular gold bars in the USA. Perth Mint gold bars are always individually wrapped, and even packaged 25 bars to container.

PAMP 1 Oz Gold Bars

PAMP 1 ounce gold bullion bars used to dominate the market. However, since Perth Mint bars are getting increasingly popular, PAMP gold bars have taken a backstep. Just like Perth Mint bars, even PAMP gold bars are 99.99% pure. They are also available in cases of 25 bars to container. Each PAMP gold bar is properly encased in Mylar. Each bar also has a certificate of authenticity. This certificate is printed on the specific cardboard surrounding the gold bar. A single side side of a PAMP 1 ounce gold bar contains the Lady Fortuna design.

Credit Suisse 1 Oz Gold Bars

In most cases, these gold bars need to be bought in large quantities. On the other hand, PAMP and Perth Mint gold bars are also available in some small quantities. Interestingly, Credit Suisse are also manufactured by PAMP. The only difference is that the latter does not have the Lady Fortuna design. These gold bars have the Credit Suisse hallmark. However, PAMP gold bars contain the PAMP logo. While Perth Mint and PAMP 1 ounce gold bars are available in 25 bars to container, Credit Suisse gold bars are available in sheets of 10.

Why are 1 Oz Gold Bars Popular?

In the last few years, 1 ounce gold bars are getting increasingly popular. Most investors like purchasing these bars because their weight ties up with the standard spot price of gold. Due to this, it becomes easier to calculate the investor’s gold holdings. For instance, if you have 5 1-oz gold bars, and the standard spot price of gold is $500, you instantly know that you’ve invested $2500. In addition to this, gold bars also carry the lowest premiums on physical gold bullion.

Premium is the standard price above the market value of physical gold bullion which represents manufacture, delivery and refining costs. Therefore, a 1 ounce gold bar costs less than 1 ounce gold coin. Due to this, gold bars have become one of the best ways to invest in gold.

It is also important to understand that 1-oz gold bars are conveniently sized and small. Thus, investors enjoy the flexibility to reduce or add to their gold holdings without any problems. Since gold bars are available in different sizes, investors can choose these bars according to different criteria, including price, liquidity options, budget and more.

There’s no doubt that 1 ounce gold bars have become an excellent choice for most gold investors. According to industry experts, they are considered to be most cost effective, liquid, trusted and popular way to own gold holdings. Since gold bars can also be bought online, it becomes even more safe and convenient.

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